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My Anniversary

Arron took us out to a super cool restaurant called Jekyll & Hyde’s.

It was like Chuck E. Cheese for adults. The waitstaff and hosts all interact and there are little shows throughout the meal. They came around offering fun shots and we tried a couple of them. Arron extracted some directly from his Dad’s neck. I liked the other flavor better because I am not a big passion fruit fan.

The meal was good but the decor and shows are what made this place so much fun. It was a challenge to find the bathrooms down a hallway of seemingly just rows and rows of books. Sometimes the waitstaff and some of the actors seemed to try to get in each others’ way and there was some underlying tension. It made for a spooky evening on a different level. We stayed to watch as many shows as we could before saying goodbye to our new friends and heading off to more good times.

Arron has a favorite hangout called Fat Cat’s. It’s a chill pool hall that features live jazz bands. The store cat and dog are always around if you look hard enough for them. If the pool tables are all taken, you can always play a little shuffleboard, ping-pong or chess while you wait.
Our evening there started off with a laugh as the bouncer was methodically taking IDs at the entrance. Most of the clientele at this point of the evening was NYU students. When Jim handed the man his ID he looked up and just cracked up. He said, “I should have just looked at you, man, Get in there.”

The pool tables were all full so Arron got us some drinks and we grabbed a shuffleboard table. I started off in rare form by trying to shoot the little skeet like disc down the table, up-side down. Arron kindly set me straight.

The store dog made his rounds and we finally got a pool table. It was parents against son, then son and mother against father and a final game of guys against gal. If it weren’t for Arron scratching on his final 8 ball shots, he would have aced it all. What mattered the most was that we had a blast before were went back to Arron’s and crashed. It was the best anniversary celebration ever.


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