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No matter how we try, we haven’t been able to travel to Pittsbugh for a long time. My birthday plans to make it to the steel city were thwarted by yet another heavy snow storm. What follows is a photographic essay on how we made the best of it, my birthday Staycation became a tour of State College in search of vegetarian soups. My birthday Soupcation!!

Digging out to go find some veggie soup!!

Jim enjoying our first soup of the day, Cheesy Potato at Webster's Cafe. The multigrain bread was a nice touch too!

First stop, Webster's!

Tomato Florentine! Soup #2!!

Vegetarian Soup #3!!

Vegetarian Vegetable from The Corner Room!

Tomato Florentine at Bill Pickle's!

Soup #4, Vegan Chili at Webtser's 2!

Coffee and Chili

Uh oh!! I'm out of soup!!

Time to make our own Hot & Sour Soup!


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