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The Perfect Meal

The weather forced us to slightly alter our plans this Thanksgiving day. Freezing rain and sleet made us begrudgingly punt on running in our first Turkey Trot this morning.

We knew the weather might have an impact even last evening as we shopped for a few groceries. No, we didn’t stock up on bread and milk but bought a single TastyKake Pumpkin Pie to split today with what ever meal we pulled together.

We didn’t have the scent of hot turkey fat to wake up to like I can remember 40 years ago. As Jim decorated our indoor Norfolk Island Pines, thus dubbing them our our Yule Trees for the year, I threw together a lunch of left overs.

Left over Tofurky sandwich slices on some seeded rye with a healthy pile of mixed greens, a few wedges of tomato, a dollop of spiced butternut squash, perfect avocado slices and the condiments of Vegenaise® and a cranberry apple chutney made the most perfect Thanksgiving meal.

No, I fibbed. What made it perfect was the company. We weren’t surrounded by every member of our loving family but Jim and I had each other. We munched a Dagwood sized sandwich and smiled as we did the best we could to make the holiday feel festive. I am thankful for Jim’s heart that lifts me on the gray and gloomy days. Redefining each stage of life is a challenge but with him I am up to it.

This is a similar sandwich, the real one disappeared before I got it photographed.


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