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Zola Bistro – Thai Vichyssoise

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Note that although I have reviewed food at Zola Bistro a couple of times that I cannot recommend it nor it’s sister locations (The Gamble Mill, Alto) until the owner decides to stop serving Veal and Foie gras. – updated 9/1/11

We had a light meal last week at Zola Bistro’s outdoor patio. We just plopped down to enjoy a cold drink and some people watching on the very edge of the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts.

The drink specials that afternoon had cute names but the cocktails themselves weren’t quite as creative. Jim’s Patron Pineapple Jalepeño Margarita was the best but my uncolored State College Cherry Mojito tasted like it was flavored with a cherry Sucrets .

After checking on the vegability of it, we both ordered the soup – Thai Vichyssoise that was then being served hot. After it cooled from being so hot I burnt my tongue, the flavors worked well together. As a vichyssoise should be, it was thick and well seasoned. I liked the dill, onion and peppery taste with the potato but realized after I ate about 1/3 of my cup that the waitress had called it Thai Vichyssoise. With no notes of lime, garlic, or peanut, I wanted to make sure I had heard her properly, even the oil drizzle on top tasted more like a canola than peanut. I asked the waitress what exactly made it Thai and she told me that the base was coconut milk. I never could taste it.

I got a small green salad and both Jim and I had a slice of the 3 cheese bread. A perfect light lunch on the fringe of the festival.

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  1. Love the term “vegability”!


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