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Moroccan Tagine & Mango Lassi

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It’s so nice to feel like cooking again. The temps were much cooler today and we even got some rain!

I made recipes from 2 different Isa books, Vegan with a Vengance and Vegan Brunch.

I don’t have a clay Tagine to cook in but the recipe turned out to be another winner. I used my zester for grating the ginger. I love trying kitchen gadgets on things other than they are intended for.

The meal was a exquisite balance of color, texture and flavor in a perfect Moroccan lentil stew over couscous. My only deviation from the recipe was that I used our beet greens instead of the spinach it called for. I added the cut stems along with the green beans and they cooked the perfect amount of time. I don’t know that I will ever want to make it the right way since it was so good! 20110725-082114.jpg

The Mango Lassi recipe used a great trick of freezing the mango in cubes to make a thick and refreshing drink. I got to use the Ninja again and tweaked the recipe by adding a tiny bit of rose water. Delish!

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  1. Looks amazing!!!!


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