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Today felt like a local culinary victory to me. I was able to give my highest rating to a great meal and as high a rating to any non-vegetarian food service as I can give! Over the past couple of weeks I have been composing a couple of rants that I have yet to post. They really bring me down because both are local and one doesn’t even have to excuse of being a chain. Today’s visit to the Boalsburg Farmer’s Market allowed us to have a meal at The Sustainable Kitchen’s food truck!

Take time to read all about the healthy attitudes and good this group does. They have been featured recently in our local newspaper The Centre Daily Times and in State College dot com as well as Voices.

The Vegetarian Times just did an article on food trucks and that pushed me into action to check out the one owned by The Sustainable Kitchen. Jim and I made it out to the farmers market before 3:00PM and read over their menu of specials. I was excited to finally have Gazpacho that I didn’t have to make myself and Jim ordered the Vegan Corn Chowder.

Both orders went in pronto and we had hardly sat down at one of the table-clothed spots before our bowls were placed in front of us, just as ordered. The Gazpacho was tangy, chilled and peppery with fresh diced crunchy cucumbers, green bell pepper and tomato swimming around in a friendly way. I think there was some basil in this soup too, it all was a real flavor sensation. We kept swapping our vegan soups back and forth until we were almost licking out our bowls.

The clear brothed Vegan Corn Chowder was served piping hot with a generous amount of fresh sweet corn kernels and baby peas. It was both sweet and peppery with some oil sautéed onions and what we think was oregano. Summer or winter, this soup would be hard to beat anytime.

I got up to talk to a woman I knew and dear Jim surprised me with something I had been admiring since the moment we stepped up to the truck, a nice slice of the Chocolate Vegan Zucchini Cake. This was heaven! It was so moist and chocolaty. It was light and spongy but intense with flavor. We got the secret to the cake from Krystan, the baker herself, who revealed, “I and the Fairy Godmother and a good chocolate helps fairy godmothers make good cakes!” Indeed!

Every vegetarian and vegan food option was clearly marked and the staff knew their products inside and out. We also had the rare and serendipitous advantage of being on location when the local food/health inspector, Lori Sowash, came to do her job. She was kind in announcing herself to the staff, put their minds at ease by being matter of fact and testing what she needed and making clear notes. I asked her if there would be a way to eventually see the results of her findings. She was up front in saying that a service like a food truck was the most difficult to pass all of the points of an inspection but The Sustainable Kitchen passed on everything. Cold foods were cold enough, hot foods were hot enough (she gave me the exact temperatures which I forgot) and all of the sanitation rules were in line. A list of local restaurants and their pass or fail status can been found here.

BiNaH Rating
With a genuine and friendly staff, The Sustainable Kitchen filled my heart, soul and stomach with the thrill of giving their VEGAN food 5 stars. The half star withheld in the BiNaH (Bacon is NOT and Herb) rating is purely because they also serve meat. The meat is also local and read the history of the owner’s plans for educating at risk youth. This is a business worth supporting.

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