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Zola’s Vegetarian Flatbread

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Note that although I have reviewed food at Zola Bistro a couple of times that I cannot recommend it nor it’s sister locations (The Gamble Mill, Alto) until the owner decides to stop serving Veal and Foie gras. – updated 9/1/11
20110726-020003.jpgWhat’s a gal to do when she has no computer, her family is spread out from Lewistown to New York City to Tokyo and she has a Lunchtime coming on? Time for another pleasing food review on a local patio restaurant.

Zola has almost alway been straight up about using chicken and beef stock in a lot of their soups but has added a daily Grilled Vegetarian Flatbread to their lunch menu. Today was the day to give it a go! The soup, a Chilled Tomato Coconut, was tainted by the usual Chicken Broth and additionally Beef Broth. The waiter described the veggie flatbread of the day to host a “tomato puree, cheese and jalapeno.” Winner, winner, Veggie Dinner!

It was a much larger portion than I expected that came with a huge pile of baby greens piled on the pizza style wedges. The whole thing was drizzled with an artistic flourish of balsamic and the flavors and colors were wonderfully balanced. The ingredients also included minced red onion and green bell pepper; it was more than a mini pizza, it was heaven.

I had to ask for half of the meal to be boxed and was happy with the portion, the atmosphere and service. Zola, with all of the disappointment I endure with it’s soups, consistantly comes through with so much more.

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