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Ann’s Mock Hot Bacon Dressing

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Grandmothers make the best memories and many of those are food related. Jim was brought up making frequent visits to the family’s farm in rural Schuylkill County. When he was young, the area still spoke about as much Dutch as English and the cooking reflected the same roots.

Jim can remember life on the farm utilizing everything that came their way. If it was a day when yard work and weeding had taken place he was sure that the next meal was going to use those dandelions they had spent all morning pulling. They would be washed well and wilted in a Hot Bacon Dressing.

When his co-worker, Ann Marie Taylor~Schmidt, learned of the focus of my blog she mentioned having made a vegetarian Hot Bacon Dressing. I couldn’t rest until she shared the recipe!

Dedicated to those who inspired it all, the grandmothers – Grandma Amy Mitchell & Mammy Irma Gable!

Ann’s Mock Hot Bacon Dressing
Since I made it up as I went it is not exactly measured. It’s a glug of this and a bit of that. I made up some approximate measures below. You can change the ratios if you like one flavor more than another.

1/4 cup Olive oil
2-3 TBS. Fakin’ Bacon Bits (see how this product did in (NOT) Bacon Rating)
Saute the bits to infuse the flavor in the oil.

1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
1/2 tspn Salt
1/4 tspn Pepper
1/4 Cup Sugar (I used Splenda substitute).
Then, as it cooks, whisk in small can of Carnation Evaporated Fat Free Milk and simmer. If you like it thicker, add 1 TBS of cornstarch or flour or your favorite thickener, and simmer, longer, until creamy.

Great over lettuce, or throw some endive or dandelion leaves in the dressing, just before serving them, to wilt and coat.

Vegetairan tweeked PA Dutch meal. Notice the Vegan Shoo-Fly Pie.


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