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Vegan Chile Rellenos

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With the spicy yellow peppers left over from the CSA share our neighbors gave to us, I decided to made some tiny little Vegan Chili Rellenos. Any sized hot pepper could be used but ours were so small Jim called them Chili Rellenos Sliders.

I put the fresh chilis under the broiler to get the skin to lift away. I kept turning them so they wouldn’t char or brown to the point that the meat of it under the skin wouldn’t get too soft and overcooked. They get too slimy to peel if they get cooked and they cook up better in the frying pan later.

After they cooled I used a knife to peel away the skin. Notice I stupidly use my bare hands to later get hot chili oil in my nose and eyes and other sensitive parts. I get the hottest stuff all over my fingers when I slit the chilis and gently cut out the stringy membranes and seeds. Follow my lead if you like to have random parts of your body burn throughout the day and night – if you have a baby, it’s a grand time to handle their pacifier to burn their little mouth too. Yup, been there done that. I obviously haven’t learned.

No eggs? No cheese? No problem! I filled the chili with some vegan cheese then gently dipped it in a mixture of corn starch and water. It was a pretty thick mixture but not so thick that it was acting like Oobleck. After allowing any excess to drip, I then coated the moist chili in a mixture of masa harina and black ground pepper.

I added the breaded chilis to my cast iron pan that was already hot with olive oil and frying up some Smoky Tempeh Strips. I started them with the slit side up them made sure to rotate them to the left and right to make the coating a bit golden but not spill out the filling.

I served the tiny tastes over some greens, with the strips and covered them with some fresh salsa I made out of the left over roasted veggies, sun gold tomatoes, onion and garlic. It’s the beets that make the salsa so look so berry red!

Vegan breakfast after our 4 mile run at Fisherman's Paradise!

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