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Espresso Yourself Cafe is on the square in Newport, PA. This may seem like an out of the way place but look at it as a place to stop between here and there. As a vegan/vegetarian spot, is in an area you might not expect. If you don’t know the region and the nearby ISKCON Farming Community, Gita Nagari, you might feel like it is adrift apart from any other vegetarians for miles and miles.

Being the county seat you might think you will have to battle a lot of traffic in Newport but let it be known all Perry County didn’t have even one traffic light until 2010. Parking is on the street and we sometimes have to park about a block away but it’s a quaint town and worth the stroll.

In fair weather, the cafe has a couple of little tables outside and indoors there are plenty more. As you enter the old store front you can take your pick at any of the glass topped tables that you pass before one would get to the take-out counter. Take a moment before you sit to look over the chalkboard specials on the wall to the right of the cash register. One of the 2 soups is almost always vegetarian – I hope for the Potato Rivel!

They have a pretty steady business but the wait won’t be long until one of the friendly staff will to bring your menu. Be ready to ask for the Vegetarian/Vegan menu and the Wi-Fi password if you care for it.

I recommend the vegan Ms. Reuben with a vegan mozzarella melted over Tofurky deli slices and sauerkraut on sourdough rye with creamy Thousand Island dressing. Most of their vegan sandwiches use tofurky but they dress them up with so many different breads, sauces and veggies that each is worth trying.

The last time Jim and I visited Organic Heirloom Tomato Soup was the chalkboard special. It was a a generous cup of hot creamy tomato puré with just a hint of basil, very satisfying on the rainy day we were there.

We love the option of getting a 1/2 sandwich with a cup of soup or side salad and that is just what we did. Jim got our good ol’ standby, Ms. Reuben and because they were out of the Black Bean spread I got the Waldorf Sandwich.

Both sandwiches came out together, the Reuben was warm and melty and the Waldorf was chilled with crispy apples and sweet glazed walnuts. My side salad came with a creamy jalepeño dressing that we both loved dipping out tri-colored potato chips into. It was all wonderfully presented and every bite was full of local freshness and flavor!

There have been times in the past when we have had a bit of a wait for our food but we have learned to anticipate that. It is because each item is being prepared and timed to be presented with the entire table’s order. As always, our drinks came first and I loved sipping my vegan Irish Cream Soda (made with almond milk).

Summer Hours:
Sunday – Monday Closed
Tuesday – Wednesday 7am – 6pm
Thursday – Friday 7am – 8pm
Saturday 7am – 3pm

Espresso Yourself is a very welcoming small town cafe. The backroom can host meetings and parties and the regular dining area seats quite a few by itself. They, as many local cafes, rotate the artwork of local artists and have many fair trade coffees to choose from. The staff is friendly and clearly know the difference between vegetarian and vegan. Ever meal we have ever had there has been very good, the portions large and the price affordable. Hurray for great vegetarian friendly spots like this!

Winner Pennsyltucky Veggie Awards 2011Best Soup & Best Menu.

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  1. Loved this place and it’s true, it does serve as a little haven where it’s OK to choose not to eat meat surrounded by people who think PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals.


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