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Grammy’s 14 Day Pickles (day 3)

Ode to a Wrinkly Pickle

Swimming there beneath the brine.
A submerged cuke, you look so fine.
I stop and dip my hand down in,
To touch your cool and verdant skin.

I lift your dripping form aloft.
How is it that you got so soft,
And bumpy as a a warted toad?
You’re shriveled at your stem end node!

I wonder at your transformation,
During your water logged hibernation.
What enlightens me is the salty trickle.
You are slowly becoming a wrinkly pickle!

You can review Day 2 here!


About trueindigo

vegan, runner, blogger, mom, model, artist, tarot reader.

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  1. Hi, is there a link or recipe for the 14 day pickle, my gran and great gran used to make them, and I’ve made one batch,but lost the recipe on the move from Kentucky to Australia, I would love to taste their crispy sweetness once again on my lips please?


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