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Olde New York

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Olde New York’s but wooden interior is quite attractive. The high warehouse style ceiling is painted dark brown in a way that you forget about the odd fixtures. What does give it away is that it can get noisy when crowded or the occasional band is featured. The walls are decorated with early 1920 style photos of New York City but the giant nutcracker and general old world German flair the menu takes on hints at this restaurant’s roots. The owners, Susan and Kenny Kempton, had previously been very successful with Schnitzel’s Tavern until the building it was in was destroyed by fire in 2006. Their restaurant expertise has allowed them to again have success in the group of shops off of the 2200 block of E. College Ave. called Nittany Commons.

We wished we had known our old letterboxing friends were celebrating their anniversary the same time we were last at Olde New York. They chose a great place to spend a special evening with satisfying food and we wish them many more years of happiness!

Upon entering the restaurant, it’s inviting interior offers you the option of sitting in the pub area or the vast dining room. You can order the entire menu of food and drink on both sides. High-top pub tables and lots of televisions on the pub side and only 2 television on the dining room side. The entire restaurant is friendly to every age. Wi-Fi, booths, tables to seat large groups, a fire place are all extra nice touches but what you will remember most is the friendly staff and excellent food.

We have been coming to Olde New York for years and can assure you that they are becoming more vegetarian friendly each time they update their menu. About 2 years ago the potato salad used to have bacon in it but they will clearly and proudly tell you that it, although not vegan, is vegetarian.

Currently the menu has 3 different vegetarian sandwiches, Spicy Black Bean Burger, Grilled Portobello with Aioli, and a deli styled sandwich called The Broker. Each come with a side and a crisp dill pickle spear.

Grilled Portobello with Cole Slaw

If you have the mindset that the oil is no more contaminated than any other restaurant kitchen cooking surface you open yourself up to a few extra menu items. If you have that concern/limit please note – the seasoned fries, house made chips and Susie Wong Eggroll sides and appetizers are all vegetarian but are cooked in the same fryer as some meat items like the chicken tenders. For a meal like the Black Bean Burger that says it comes with fries (and here I am breaking my rule about not asking for substitutions) they will let you have Cole Slaw or Potato Salad instead.

Everything we have ordered at Olde New York has always been served fresh and well presented. The Greek Salad is always nicely chilled and it’s dressing has a pleasant lemon note to it. It comes with the small grape tomatoes and the salty kalamata style olives. The warm little roll on the side is a nice touch.

The Spicy Black Bean Burger is larger than a Bocca or Garden Burger patty, has an appropriate Tex Mex seasoning to it and it packed with whole black beans and diced veggies like red and green bell peppers. Both it and the Grilled Portobello fill the huge soft buns they are served on.Greek Salad

I just love the tangy aioli they serve on both The Broker and Grilled Portobello. Jim thought there was a bit much of it on the Porto but I think it went really well with the whatever they had marinated the mushroom cap in. It came out hot with melty provolone and hadn’t even started to release its juices. The time before I had gotten The Broker with its well-selected mix of flavors; again the aioli and gooey cheese but also a slice of tasty tomato, baby greens that had just been touched with a little balsamic and all between two thick slices of grilled sour dough bread – YUM!!!

(Some excellent news reviewed 9/30/11 – read update here!)
It won’t matter if you sit in one of the 16 stools at the wooden bar or in a booth in the corner of the dining room, you won’t be ignored and are guaranteed fast and friendly service at Olde New York. If that makes like a “fast food” place, I have failed in my description; Olde New York’s food it high quality and served by a knowledgeable staff. The owners are almost always on-site and are some of the warmest most genial folks I have ever met. Those qualities show through in the consistant high standards of the food and comfortable surroundings. Take Gramma, take the kids and enjoy a veggie sandwich or dessert!!
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