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Another Slice o’ Shoo-Fly Pie?

Another Slice o’ Shoo-Fly Pie?

“Yes please!” said my Dad when I asked if I could bring it to the family picnic. He had given my first attempt pretty high marks but I tweaked the second pie to have more crumbs. “It should be like if you accidentally inhale when taking your first bite, you might end up breathing in crumbs.”

Ok Dad, I did the best I could. Along side of Tracy’s Broccoli Salad (with MorningStar Farms Bacon in it) and Mom’s famous Potato Salad, we had a pretty Amish looking spread. Living in what Tracy’s Bill calls “the snack food belt,” represented that menu pretty well too.

Dad gave my first piece of the second pie a thumbs up so I sent him home with a second. We also took a slice to my mother-in-law, Grace, who is as PA Dutch as you get coming from Schulykill County. After we got back from visiting Grace, I came home to an email from Dad reviewing his second slice of the second pie. Just as I was reading that, Grace called to tell me how much she had just enjoyed her slice. Dang! I guess this vegan recipe is a keeper!

Here is Dad’s review of his last Slice o’ Shoo-Fly Pie:

Yo T.
I had that piece of Shoo-Fly pie today, and thought I’d better report on it before I forget about (1) reporting, and (2) my impressions on the pie.
On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give the bottom crust(and that inch or so up the back side) a 10, perfect!! And I’m not a crust person!!
The crumbs on top were good too. Almost too many. Notice I said almost.
Overall, it seemed a bit dry. Notice I said “a bit”. Guess I was expecting a gooyer bottom!!
It was good to have a 2nd piece today. It was, somehow, better than yesterday’s. Very, very, very good!!
The smoky flavor says “lard”, and it was not too much for me. The filling did not have too much molasses taste to it, but you know how I like that strong sulfur taste.
Love , Dad

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  1. Looks like you got lots of cool shade up there! It is too scorching to eat outside here. Glady you revisited the Shoo Fly Pie because I missed your original post. The picture in that previous post is awesome and I am sure if your dad approved it-it is delicious. I think he knows exactly how this pie should taste! Great post.


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