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Grammy’s 14 Day Pickles (day 11)

The pickle chunks absorbed just a bit of the gallon of water overnight from Day 10. I measured the liquid after I poured it off and discarded it. This is my last day for discarding liquid.

Today they got covered with a vinegar and sugar syrup. Grammy’s recipe called for a syrup that for ever 2 Quarts of Vinegar you add in 6 Lbs. of Sugar. POUNDS!? I had to wonder if my Aunt Esther wrote that down wrong and meant cups. Because of this, I started with just 2 Quarts (8 Cups) of white vinegar and added in 6 cups of the sugar to see if maybe that looked right. Nope, it took the whole 6 Lbs. (which actually measured 14 1/2 Cups.)

Thick with sugar, before it boiled.

To the solution of vinegar and sugar I added a spice bag with 3-4 broken cinnamon sticks, “some” cloves (I used about 7) and a Tablespoon of Celery Seed. I used the same old t-shirt technique to make my spice bag as I did in my Red Pickled Onyums and slowly brought it all to a boil.

According to Jim, house smelled like Salt & Vinegar Chips when he woke up and I had just poured the hot solution over the pickle chunks. The 2 Quarts Vinegar + 6 Lbs. of Sugar had made a gallon of boiling solution and was just right. My Grammy knew what she was doing.

Spices for Grammy's Pickles

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  1. Starting to sound good


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