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Grammy’s 14 Day Pickles (day 12)

Ok, today wasn’t as bad as I had imagined but I had been dreading it since I first read the recipe. As I mentioned yesterday on Day 11, I no longer discard the liquid. Today I had to pour the syrup into my pot and bring it to a boil along with its spice bag.

Pickles in steaming hot syrup - day 12.

My main fear was making a mess by dribbling syrup everywhere. That would draw in ants and yellow jackets and bears – oh my! I was very careful and poured it into the pot without splashing or dripping. I had a damp towel to clean off the lip of the container and the transfer went really well.

I brought it slowly to a boil and poured it back over the pickle chunks. I hope I have good luck tomorrow, Day 13 is exactly the same process and the last day before canning!

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