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Tempeh Bacon Taste Test

This taste test was between two different tempeh bacon styled strips. 4 of us taste tested Tofurky’s Marinated Smoky Maple Bacon Tempeh against Lightlife Fakin’ Bacon. We were already familiar with the Fakin’ Bacon from the (Not) Bacon Rating soy bacon taste test but, like the teased dog in the video, we were excited to taste the maple kind!

Tofurky Smoky Maple strips are the two on the left and the Lightlife Fakin’ Bacon are the two on the right in this precooking photo to the right. I shortened the long Fakin’ Bacon strips so they were closer in length. Both required oil for cooking and neither, as you might expect from tempeh, got very crisp.

We tasted them on their own and I thought the Tofurky brand was a little too chunky to be used as a bacon strips. It was obvious we were comparing them as tempeh products. Arron said, “I sure hope this isn’t the maple kind,” he just wasn’t tasting any maple smokiness in it. Amy thought it was a little plain and Jim thought it was salty with a barbeque flavor.

Lightlife Fakin’ Bacon was next and Jim didn’t think it tasted as salty. Amy liked the flavor better than the Tofurky tempeh strip and Arron thought it was more like BBQ. I thought my piece was saltier.

Most of us didn’t have the patience to eat BLTs without some MorningStar strips onboard to make them worthwhile but I made my whole sandwich with just the new to me Tofurky Smoky Maple strips. I did finally get a maple smoked flavor about 1/2 way into my sandwich but think I prefer the Fakin’ Bacon for a BBQ tempeh sandwich.

Comparing them nutritionally was just as ridiculous as with the rest of the vegetarian bacon products. The Tofurky band had a single serving listed as 7 strips! That was 1/2 the pack! I broke down the information by a single strip and listed the info below so you can make an informed decision.

We liked the idea of a maple smoked tempeh but Tofurky just didn’t hit the mark on this one. For strips of vegetarian styled bacon, tempeh to tempeh, Lightlife Fakin’ Bacon won.
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  1. We tried the Tofurky brand this morning. It was disgusting with an awful aftertaste. I threw the entire pack away. Yuck!


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