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No-kill Fruit Fly Trap

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It’s the time of year when the uninvited house guest, Drosophila melanogaster, can take up residence inside your home. Make sure you are getting rid of any over ripe fruit, try not to leave any food out, clean all spills and take kitchen compost out regularly. If you find that the little magenta eyed flies are still finding ways to hang out, you might want to try to trap them and take them outside to live in the wild.

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1. Use a small glass or jar with a bit of fruit of cider/vinegar in the bottom.
2. Get a small snack baggie and cut just the one tiny corner off of it.
3. Point the hole you cut downward into the glass/jar to make a funnel for the fruit flies to get down into the fruit.
4. Secure baggie with a rubber band and place the trap when the fruit flies congregate. It is usually near a bright area in your kitchen.
5. You can catch dozens in just a few hours so be attentive to the trap.
6. Release them outside before they start to lay eggs. The larva hatch quickly and will make more flies so replace the bait often.
7. They are also drawn to moisture so mind the heads of your tooth brushes.

Release them before they start to lay eggs.

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