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Artichoke Choke Removal

Artichoke Choke Removal

Artfully Removing the Choke

I never showed the step where I used my melon baller as a choke remover when I last shared photos of steaming artichokes.

I am showing the artichoke cut in two (it was a little dried out), using the melon baller to scrape out all of that prickly thistles called the choke and some thick shears for cutting the remaining pointy tips off the outer leaves.

I also added a photo that most probably wouldn’t, it’s of all of the “stuff” you are left with after scraping out the choke. It makes a mess and a lot of it is really prickly so you want to try to keep it together and get it all into your compost bucket.

Just like before, I steamed the 2 halves for 25 minutes. This time I served them straight out of the steamer along with some corn, fennel and beet greens. I combined a couple of sauces and pepped them up with cayenne and garlic to make them into a dipping sauce for the artichokes. Lunches here at the El-Jeez is fun if nothing else.

Oh! Don’t forget an empty plate for your artichoke leaves after you have dipped and scraped the goodness with your teeth. Pennsyltucky vegetarians might call that (or a plate set aside similarly for corn cobs) a “bone plate.” That’s an obvious nod back to our Dutchie meat eating folks.


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