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Although we have yet to visit Blossom or Café Blossom, their creator also has the Upper East Side V-Note at which we visited for a nice brunch earlier this month.

It was just a little but farther from Arron & Amy’s apartment than the walk to Gobo. We had such a special time the night before but it was fun to try something a little different and brunch at V-Note was the choice.

The trendy little wine bar in the back was cute, it had 8 cushy white bar seats along side of the main dining area. About 8 four-seaters and the same number of tables for two were placed in NYC close style in the black and white-painted room. We sat in one of the 4 six-seater booths that had muted colored throw pillows that played nicely off of the art on the walls.

I can imagine it might get a little noisy when crowded with the wooden floors and ceiling but we came at a time when we could even hear the Lite-Indie Rock music.

After placing my order, I snapped some photos and took a trip back to the clean restroom. One my way there and back, I noticed that every customer had ordered one thing – Blueberry Pancakes. None of us had ordered that so I wondered what we didn’t know and if it was the house specialty.

I just had to get the large Wilted Spinach Salad since it had some Soy Bacon Crumble on it. I wanted to compare it to the salad we had with Ann’s Mock Hot Bacon Dressing and was especially interested in how the bacon compared to the many we had tested in my (NOT) Bacon Rating taste test.

It was a nice size for a salad and the spinach was slightly warm but not really wilted. The crumbles were tasty and crispy and I loved that some cashews were thrown on too. It had some pleasing mushroom slices but with the sharp balsamic it was over all a little salty.

Jim’s Tofu Scramble was also a little salty mostly from the sausage seitan. The firm tofu and onions helped balance it out and he was glad he got a salad instead of fries.

Southern Seitan Sandwich

Amy’s Beet Salad was wonderful. She shared it with me and pointed out the wonderful texture difference between the red and yellow beets. I think beets have been my favorite veggie this year.

Arron’s Southern Seitan Sandwich was a healthy portion. He said it had a nice sage and thyme seasoning to it and came on a hearty ciabata bread.

BiNaH Rating
4.5/ 5 stars

The staff is attentive but a little phony. The food is presented in a wonderful way but just a little salty and I mean in price too. It’s a vegan bistro so anything on the menu is going to be safe to eat and it’s good, very good, just not a place I will dream about. I will probably try someplace new next visit or return to an old favorite. Glad to try V-Note and can say that it was a pleasant brunch.

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