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Olde New York – review update

Olde New York – review update

Since my review of Olde New York in August, I am excited for a happy update! They just updated their menus to include “Veggie” indicators by their vegetarian suggestions!! Thank you SO much for this cute little tweak that allows those vegetarian patrons to know, at a glance, what to set their taste buds on!

Another veggie plus on the menu is now the burgers come with a choice of side and pickle spear rather than being locked into getting the fries (cooked in a frier shared with some meat products).

Spicey Black Bean Burger (fries are cooked in shared frier)

Those were, as a vegetarian, two main concerns I pointed out in my last review. Now I can say that it is crystal clear what a vegetarian can and cannot order and no needing to ask for something special made (coleslaw instead of fries)! I don’t know if they read my review, heard about it, or caught my thought waves from across College Ave. but Olde New York came through for vegetarians and in their own olde world, low-key, wonderful style!

We dined there last night and the food was great as ever. Our waitress was new to me but when I asked her a few questioned about the menu she told me it had just been updated within the last week. My question about why the Susie Wong Egg Rolls (they are vegetarian) wasn’t listed as vegetarian she was certain that it was because of how it was cooked in the shared frier. Kudos for being informed and not making things up on the fly!

For this and everything else it is, Olde New York now gets a a huge shout out from me. Please patronize this great restaurant – they are currently featuring multiple Oktoberfest Brews.

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  1. I could eat The Broker everyday–I leave off the aioli because it’s a little too rich for me in addition to the cheese. Oh no! Now I want one!


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