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Meatless Challenge, Round 2!

Meatless Challenge, Round 2!

Last July I played around with testing 2 of the most accessible plant-based ground meat substitutes I could find and wrote about it on The Ground Meat(less) to Beat. Jim and I did a blind taste test between Bocca Ground Crumbles vs Morningstar Farms Griller Crumbles.

This time, I lined up 5 different plant-based ground meat substitutes. I still included Bocca Ground Crumbles and Morningstar Farms Griller Crumbles but added LightLife Gimme Lean® Beef, LightLife Smart Ground® Original and Quorn Beef-Style Grounds.

I designated a colored pick to each of the products and it was easy to start to forget which on was which this time because there were 5. I made notes on their appearance before cooking, on how they cooked up in a cast iron pan with olive oil and onion as I made them into Sloppy Joes.

I used identical ingredients and process in making 5 portions and served them on little slider rolls with only their colored pick telling each one from the other.

I almost eliminated Bocca from the race since it had lost in every test to MorningStar but decided to include it (Red pick) again anyway. Sadly, even in a new recipe of Sloppy Joe, Bocca came in 5th out of 5. Jim thought it was saltier, more gristly and chewier and I thought it was hardest to swallow, had a dark soy flavor and was like tough little balls.

We also agreed on #4 (Blue pick), the Smart Ground® Original wasn’t best represented in this recipe. Neither of us liked its texture, found it to be like pellets or grainy. Though I didn’t mind it had an earthy flavor, Jim just didn’t like the mouth-feel of it.

On numbers 2 and 3 we were divided. Jim liked the Quorn (Orange pick) better than the MorninStar and I was the other way around. I thought the Quorn was oddly sweet but Jim thought the small bits carried the flavor well. I liked the familiarity of the MorningStar (Green pick) but Jim thought it was a little greasier. I think it is if I am remembering the nutritional breakdown from the first taste test. I can remember it’s not vegan.

Guess what IS vegan!? Our newest #1 plant-based ground meat substitute choice, LightLife Gimme Lean® Beef! Both of us loved how it cooked up and even though it was the only one that needed to be broken up a bit and stuck to the pan, the flavor and texture was most pleasing to us both. Jim thought it (White pick) really tasted like a BBQ sandwich (Sloppy Joe and BBQ are pretty much inner changable in Pennsyltucky – trust me on this). I liked that it was mellow and although it was a little more coarsely hunked, I know that was how I had cooked it and could change the coarseness by chopping it a bit more.

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