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Trick or Treat!

It’s been years since we looked forward to Trick-or-Treaters but we had high hopes that our neighbors would bring around their one-year-old.

Sure enough, just before 6 PM they came out and he was all dressed up as a tiger! SO cute – I started to scream and squeal! I wasn’t sure if they were going to drive to a friend’s house or neighborhood or party so I had Jim watch in case they started to leave.

I had ran out of time to get him something at the health food store but I have so many berry Fruit MashUps from my training runs that Jim remembered them and I tied a purple ribbon to one in hopes they might stop by.

Jim kind of started to squeal when they put up his cute tiger hood and started over to our building! Birbanto watched in shock as strangers approached our door. Miles was oblivious and was very surprised when the doorbell rang and it wasn’t anyone he knew.

Yay! So much fun for us and Miles too! Happy Halloween!

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  1. That is one good-looking family! Make that two good-looking families.

  2. We only had one other Trick or Treater. Belle from Beauty and the Beast and I felt it might make me too creepy if I asked to take her picture – HA!

  3. How sweet!! Hey, what are you training for – I’m assuming you’re running? I’m a runner as well, but my training days are over ;-)!

    • I’m coming back from plantar fasciitis to hopefully run in our local half marathon in December! Those lil packets of fruit go down really well and don’t give me a stomach ache the way Gu can.


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