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The Badger Girl Fruitcake Exchange

The Badger Girl Fruitcake Exchange

Badger Girl Learns to Cook has opened up a great opportunity for us closet lovers of Fruitcake to strut our stuff! Be you a first time baker or executive chef, out yourself and share your Fruitcake with those who will appreciate it!

Read about the rules and deadlines for The Badger Girl Fruitcake Exchange and get ready for baking! Mine will be vegan and I am hoping another vegan baker will sign up so I can be partnered to swap with them.

I am teasing you in my photo with a few of the fresh spices I am going use and I promise it will be bathed in 10 Cane Rum!

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vegan, runner, blogger, mom, model, artist, tarot reader.

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  1. I am sooo in! I force fruit cake (a.k.a. Christmas pudding) on my family every year.

    • Oh AWESOME! Drop Badger Girl an email and keep me posted on how yours comes along!

      I am baking mine today since it has to sit in rum for days after – YUM!! A half hour left and the house is smelling SO good.


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