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Say it Ain’t so Joe

Stopping by Berkey Creamery today you might be compelled to order the Peanut Butter Cluster Fudge. No? Ok, I did switch the last two words in the name of one of about 100 ice cream flavors but it sure feels like the flavor of the day with national media swarming the campus of Penn State over the sex-abuse scandal involving the retired assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky.

Guess what flavor has been taken off the list at Berkey Creamery? You aren’t going to be ordering the Banana Flavored Ice Cream with Chocolate Covered Peanuts and Caramel Swirl anymore; Sandusky Blitz has been taken off the menu. It had to be BANANA didn’t it?

Many are talking about the removal of yet another iconic flavor along with his statue along side Beaver Stadium. If you like the Peach Flavored Ice Cream with Peach Slices, you better grab a Peachy Paterno cone while you still can. Cluster Fudge starting to make sense?

This post is a real push on a blog about Pennsyltucky vegetarian foods but sex scandals have an impact on even just that. Penn State Housing and Food Services are aware of, and on top of discussing the fate of their fast food dining area, Joegies.

Hoagies, bananas and ice cream are all vegetarian but we are… probably about to eat crow at Penn State.


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  1. As a Penn-State alum I am sickened by the story of the sex scandal. My girlfriend was just saying the other day that her favorite creamery ice cream was the Sandusky Blitz. Looks like she won’t be getting that anymore.


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