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‘Coming a Veg’ – a call for submissions

On the first Monday of every month, this blog will be featuring stories highlighting how some people became or are perhaps becoming a vegetarian or vegan. Like “coming out” stories, I like the idea that it’s a process of awareness or “coming of age” thus the title, ‘Coming a Veg’.

This is a chance for you, readers of this blog, to share your own story. If you are feeling shy, your story can be posted under a creative screen name, anonymous or at least pass this request along to any other groups or individuals who may be interested. By forwarding, sharing or re-tweeting we will enjoy more diverse stories that will inspire as many people as possible. Submissions can be sent to my email: Pennsyltucky Veggie.

If you like, I can include a photo of yourself and include links to any vegetarian group(s) or Web pages you are affiliated with.

Some topic ideas you might want to touch on are:

How old were you when you first became a vegetarian/ vegan?

What reaction did your family and close friends have to your decision? (parents, partner, children, best friends)

Did anyone influence your decision? (specific group, movie, friend, celebrity, doctor)

What was your initial reason for becoming vegetarian? (ethics, health, weight loss, socioeconomic, political, religious)

If you are not yet vegetarian/ vegan, what would it take for you to make that step?

Have you, since adopting a vegetarian/vegan diet, ever gone back to eating animal products?

What kind of support or undermining have you encountered by family, friends, coworkers or classmates?

What have been your biggest challenges in being a vegetarian/vegan?

What have been the biggest benefits to becoming a vegetarian/vegan?

Finally, if you live in Central Pennsylvania, please touch on what it’s like to be a vegetarian/ vegan in this region. If you have lived in other areas during your life, please compare and contrast the areas and what differences you have experienced or perceive from a vegetarian/vegan point of view.

Again, please feel free to forward, share or re-tweet so I can get a diverse cross section to share and inspire as many people as possible. Send all submissions to my email: Pennsyltucky Veggie.

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vegan, runner, blogger, mom, model, artist, tarot reader.

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  1. I’m definitely in! Will send you something in the next day or two. I’ll also be sharing this…

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  4. What a GREAT idea! I’m in!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  5. I agree, I love this idea! I’ll work on my story and hopefully send it in the next couple days 🙂

  6. suzisoutlook

    I just saw this from Tiffanys site. What a cool series. I’d love to join in. I’ve been a vegetarian since the early 70’s. Different concepts for going veggie back then. Love connecting with new people and vege blogs.

  7. Thought I left a comment but it didn’t show up. Came over from Tiffanys site. This is a very cool idea. I’d love to join in. I’ve been a vegetarian since the early 70’s.


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