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Wonder if it’s Vegan

We have spent a lot of time this holiday season traveling in the car. We made up a silly travel version of the 12 Days of Christmas that I may type up and post later. Some conversations we had revolved around whether or not most vegans eat _______ (fill in the blank)_________.

Like if you eat figs, you are consuming dead wasps. Wasps pollinate figs and and their larvae grow within them, so do most vegans eat dead wasps? That was one conversation we had with Amy. Her dad, of mainly Buddhist tradition, chooses not to eat them.

On one long car trip I had to take something to a different extreme. We were talking about vegan beers, non-isinglass filtration systems in breweries and distilleries and being glad for resources like Barnivore to help us out. Of course I had sampled a heavy, bourbon-aged porter which spawned my rambling, “Well, how about yeast? Should I even be thinking of consuming anything that used yeast?”

Jim didn’t follow my tipsy logic and asked why would yeast, as a fungus, be a problem. I said I thought of yeast as like “sea-monkeys” and maybe I shouldn’t eat yeast bread anymore. We giggled and drove on, both of us knew I was taking the topic to the edge of ridiculous even if there is truth to it.

Jim found a really fun post on a raw food blog, Raw on $10 a Day (or Less!). It seems that I was not the only person remembering that brine shrimp were once marketed as Sea Monkeys and fashioned a refreshing drink in their honor, Sea Monkeys… On Ice!

Until I can make some, I guess I will just be mindful with my yeast consumption.

Bourbon Aged Porter - Prohibition of Yeast

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  1. Wow…I love figs. But not the idea of wasp larvae. Have to ponder that one. I had someone ask me recently why vegans don’t eat honey. Of course, honey is a product of bees. As for yeast – I’ll give up a lot of things, but yeast bread? That’s cruel and unusual ;-)!

  2. I think it all comes down to being mindful, knowing what you are eating and choosing wisely. At least that is how my dear daughter-in-law counsels me and I trust her judgement.


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