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Vegetarian Cookbooks


When I became a vegetarian I had a choice between 3 cookbooks on the shelf of a bookstore in the Nittany Mall. I didn’t live in State College and a pilgrimage across the Seven Mountains was a big deal. Not even a mile from my home I can now pick and choose from dozens of vegan cookbooks.

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  1. I can completely relate! When I became a vegetarian, people looked at me like I had 6 heads and told me to “eat around” the meat. lol! I really need to expand my collection of veg cookbooks …perhaps update with some new material. Thanks for the reminder! I’m so happy to see there’s a wider selection, these days! Enjoy!

  2. You need to get Tanya Petronva’s The Native Food Cookbook. She has a couple of restaurants where I live and the food is amazing…she makes her own tempeh. We attend all of her cooking classes, yum!

  3. Just that photos of shelves of cookbooks makes me drool!! I’m addicted to cookbooks. My food/cooking evolution is clearly illustrated by the kinds of books I’ve collected over the years – with vegan cookbooks slowly taking over!


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