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Need More Kale… NOW!

screw shoes

Schools had a 2 hour delay before of the road conditions created by a light snow last evening. Because the temperatures are hesitating to climb above 20° and another storm is going to blow in tonight, people are starting to panic, “Do I have enough toilet paper, bread, milk… KALE!?”

It was time to get out the sheet metal screws my Dad got for me and make some screw shoes out of my oldest pair of trainers. I could tell I had salvaged some of the screws from last year because they were all rusty but they went into the bottoms of my old New Balance (over a year old now but only 200+ miles) shoes.

I had to return our RedBox rental of The Help (a MUST see) at Walmart and the health food store, Nature’s Pantry, was just opening as I ran by. I popped in and ran home with 2 bunches of kale and realized just how funny I looked. First off, I feel pretty hard core to be out running in 20° weather. Secondly, the screw shoes make running in slippery conditions a breeze and it looks like magic that I am not sliding around. Lastly, I was running, in the snow and ice, with KALE in my arms. What a sight. I had to reenact my final approach to my back door for the camera.


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  1. You’re an animal!! But we are talking about kale, so…completely understandable!


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