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Callao, Snow and Goodbye ol’ Joe

Callao Cafe and Market opened here in town this past November. The snowfall limited our travels to just local explorations and since they were featuring a vegan soup by Harrison’s we thought it would be a good time to stop in.

In the space that Webster’s abandoned in the Aaron Plaza near ProCopy, local David Price has set up a very nice little cafe. It opens early enough, 6:00 AM, for those who drink coffee to get their day started. Featuring light fare for dine in or take out, Callao stays open until 6:00 PM.

We popped in for the Vegan Vegetable Bean soup, saw some Liz Lovely Ginger Snapdragons cookies and decided to dine in. As I snapped a few photos, I caught the proprietors also having a snack in the one photo. We made sure to thank them for having some vegan options and Mr. Price admitted that he was dedicated to keep the Vegan Vegetable Bean soup on as his second standard soup.

Even though they are still just settling into their digs, with 4 flavors of Liz Lovely vegan cookies, a vegan soup and even another vegetarian soup, Butternut Squash Bisque, we thought mentioning Callao Cafe important. They have many gluten free options (fresh baked goods), it is clean, inviting and has ample parking. We were able to snag some free WiFi from a neighboring business but saw none offered by the cafe.

We didn’t find anything other than snowshoveling to do in town and I have no good segue to what our evening brought. Last evening it was announced Joe Paterno almost 2 week stay in the hospital had deteriorated and announced to be in serious condition and he died this morning. We felt sad that his last days were surrounded with so much turmoil and made a little trip to his statue. Sure enough, others had thought to do the same thing; a group of athletic youth were shoveling snow around the area to make space for those with candles on the death watch.

We don’t always make the right decisions in our lives and hope that our mistakes do not cause harm. Mr. Paterno had expressed that in his final weeks of life. It brings to mind the aria Dido’s Lament,
“When I am laid, am laid in earth, May my wrongs create
No trouble, no trouble in thy breast;
Remember me, remember me, but ah! forget my fate.
Remember me, but ah! forget my fate.”

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  1. Interesting about Callao. I stopped in there a few weeks ago – in their first week of operation and asked about vegetarian and vegan options. The proprietor was very negative about them and said he had his own vision of what the cafe would serve. I asked him to consider that not having options for vegetarians and vegans could cut into the number of customers, because friends of vegetarians / vegans would want to make certain their v/v friends would have something(s) they could eat. He continued to be dismissive.

    I’m glad to hear he now does have and plans to have v / v options. He was getting a boars head order unloaded while I was there, and maybe he was so focused on that that he had information overload.

    • Wow! I never would have thought that from the interest he seemed to take yesterday. He admitted he wasn’t going to wave the “vegan” word around like he was catering solely to that group but seemed to recognize that it was an important clientele he was also accommodating. Enough different voices can make an impact over time. Thank for being one of them, seems you planted a seed!


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