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Toast it – NoStik

I was eager to try a gift my parents had given me, a Toast it by NoStik made of Icflon®. It came in 2 sandwich sized bags into which you could put most anything like a slice of pizza or sandwich and pop them into your toaster to be heated. When I read that they are “perfect for gluten free breads” I thought it would be a good product to review on my blog.

The bags could be used up to 50 times each. That meant 100 toasted Daiya sandwiches without the added oils on the outside to fry them up! Do note that you need a newer toaster, like one that can accommodate thick bagel halves for toasting. It does warn not to let the bag come into direct contact with any heating element but it could be put onto a griddle.

I put together a sandwich with Daiya Cheddar style shreds, ketchup, mustard and a couple of thin pickles. This was on bread that was just a little more thin than usual. Even with that, I didn’t want to force it into the toaster and kind of pressed it together after sliding the sandwich into the bag. It went into the toaster just fine.

I wondered how long it would take after snapping a couple of photos noticed maybe some steam rising from the bag. Of course that would mean it was getting hot. After another moment, I decided it might not just be steam and thought it was smoke from the exterior of the bread getting toasted. I pushed the lever to make the sandwich come up and it had burnt some holes right through the bag.

My supposition is that my sandwich must have expanded after I pressed the lever down to start the cooking. This is unfortunate because it wasn’t really a thick sandwich at all nor was my toaster the old style with only thin slots for single slices of bread. Even the directions on the bag of the packaging suggested sandwiches with the addition of tomato slices or pineapple. I doubt any of those would be as thin as the pickles I used.

Not knowing what noxious fumes and chemicals were released into the part of the bread it became fused to, I cut that section away and bit into the remainder of the sandwich. The outside was hot and very crispy but the inside was cold and the Daiya hadn’t melted at all.

I resorted to cooking it 30 seconds in the microwave which melted the Daiya but sadly got rid of the crispy toast texture too. I only have one bag left since the first was ruined, maybe I will try it on the grill sometime, or with a single slice of bread. Oh wait, my toaster will do that without the bag.

I put another sandwich in the remaining bag and put it in our skillet. It toasted up pretty nicely but with the cleanup involved, I think maybe just grilling them is the way to go. I may still try it with something else another time. I have 49 tries to go.

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  1. Toast it is definitely very useful. How convenient it would be to just put a piece of pizza inside this and toast! Thanks for letting us know about this product!

  2. Interesting…but sounds seriously flawed. I’d never heard of this product, btw – it could be awesome. Love the idea of toasting (sandwiches) without oil.

    • I was hoping it could be a great product but I am thinking not so much. I think I could almost do as well on a seasoned skillet with no additional oil. Oh well – it was worth a try and was glad to put the info out there for anyone that care. OH! I also wondered about if there were any drawbacks to overheating any kind of plastic, like some in microwaves.


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