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B’s Best Bites – January 2012

Introductions are in order. I am Birbanto, a cat with paradoila, paranoia, and a good sense of humor. I also listen closely to what the people around me have to say about the good things they have bitten.

This month, they couldn’t stop going on about the Bluff Bourguignon Millie made out of her wine cooked seitan. I thought this was a particularly good meal because they actually stayed home to eat and were so engrossed with their food that they didn’t mind me waltzing back and forth on the table in front of them.

One day they spent some time outside doing a favorite scavenger hunt called letterboxing. I used to go along and find letterboxes with them but I am more a cat of leisure now. Between finding some letterboxes, they stopped for brunch at a place in Williamsport called Bullfrog Brewey. Just the mention of its name made me whip my tail back and forth because it sounded like there might have been a lot of little green hopping animals to chase and have fun with.

They didn’t mention chasing any frogs but kept exclaiming, “I can’t believe they added Daiya to the menu!” Now Daiya I am familiar with and it is pretty good, I am even starting to forget what real cheesers-pleasers are like since my people haven’t offered me any for a while. Daiya is something for everyone to get excited about, especially when eating outside of the house. They mentioned how special it was to be served a plate of nacho chips covered in vegan chili and Daiya. I couldn’t help but be excited for them and I rubbed on Frank’s bristly chin to let him know.

I guess Daiya is the excitement of the month because they found out Mad Mex here in our own town started added it to their menu. Millie said it was so much better on the Chickpea Chili than just a double helping of the tofu sour cream they used to have.

Frank had a coupon for a free birthday meal there, I know because he waved the card in my face. He got something he had never tried before, Herb o’voré’s Tofu Tacos. He got hard corn taco shells with crispy tofu tossed in a sweet-soy-citrus General Zaragoza sauce. He loved crunching up the fresh bean sprouts, sliced avocado, cilantro and Avocado-tomatillo and Pico de gallo. I wish he had brought one home and I could have eaten the crunchies in my dish along with him.

Check back at the end of next month, the one with chocolate hearts and groundhogs, and I will tell you the best of what my people have been biting again.

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  1. Thanks for the smiles – helped me get through my treadmill workout this morning! Meow, Birbanto!

    • Birbanto says, “Oh you run IN the house! I wish my people had a treadmill so that they would never leave and feed me more often. I do like when they come back and roll on the foam roller; I can play with the strings on their hoodies!”


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