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The Big Mooch – February Giveaway

I am Mooch and I’z a shy cat. I am not sure why my people are using my name to represent giving things away but as long as I can hide under the bed for a while, I guess it will be ok.

Today the local groundhog from our Pennsyltucky region said there is going to be 6 more weeks of winter. That makes me a little mad because I want the grass to start growing again right now! To brighten up this long winter, let me tempt you to enter to receive some vegan goodiez. This month, Millie & Frank want to focus on gift foods that represent warmth and love. Millie took photos of me with all of the goodiez (until the man came to fix the shower, then I hid under the bed).

Frank & Millie recently tried Queso for the first time and they really loved it. It is like a spicy nacho cheezey sauce that is VEGAN! Frank about did a flip when he tasted it, he thought it was so good and he liked that it had some heat to it. Millie thought it was the perfect start to February’s The Big Mooch since it is by a vegan company called Food for Lovers.

Next is something sweet but no vegan worries about bone char in sugar, this is a bottle of pure delight. It is an 11.75 ounce bottle of Florida Crystals’ organic Agave Nectar. Milliez said for me to mention that it’s the amber kind. You can use it in so many ways. Not everyone likes the maplez kind of syrup and honey is from bees so this is a wonderful sweety to add to the giveaway this month. It is in so many of the recipes on this blog; T’s Vegan Cheesecake, Vegan Custard Pie, Dipping Sauce for Vegan Wontons and Endive Hors d’oeuvres all call for amber agave nectar. Sweet!

Time for adding another goodiez. Millie is a little afraid of what he will say when Frank realizes that she is giving away one of their (unopened) jars of his favorite peanut butter. You may have seen jars of Peanut Butter & Co.’s different flavors in your local market (they even have some at WalMart) but most places don’t carry The Heat is On. Frank is certain that was the ingredient that made Millie’s Award Winning Pennsyltucky Chili noteworthy at the Vegtoberfest chili cook-off last year.

Don’t mind me, the handyman came and the last photo still gets my approval, especially because there are cat faces on it. It’s two 3 ounce, vegan certified, All Natural Endangered Species Chocolate Bars. Both have photos of wild cats on the labels; the black panther is Extremely Dark Chocolate and the tiger is on the Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans. I couldn’t think of better for The Big Mooch giveaway in February.


So how can you get all of the goodiez I have highlighted for February 2012’s The Big Mooch? Between now and midnight on the Entry Deadline Date of February 13, 2012, write a comment at the bottom of this very post and mention one of the recipes mentioned on Bacon is NOT an Herb blog that most interests you.

For extra entries, you may also mention a favorite Bacon is NOT an Herb recipe on the related wall post on the Bacon is NOT an Herb Facebook page, ping back to this this blog by blogging about The Big Mooch February giveaway or yet again on Twitter #BigMooch @BaconsNotanHerb. Don’t forget to mention a favorite recipe, Millie keeps saying that’s important.

Also note…
1. Eligibility. Giveaways are open to readers with US shipping addresses only.

2. A limit of one entry is allowed per individual on each of the following: Bacon is NOT an Herb blog, Bacon is NOT an Herb Facebook page, blogging about The Big Mooch giveaway and ping back to this blog, and @BaconsNotAnHerb #BigMooch Twitter. You may not enter more than that, whether or not you use a different e-mail address. Subsequent entries determined to be submitted with the same email address or from the same individual using multiple email addresses may be declared ineligible. You may, however, obtain additional entries on this particular giveaway through other channels when applicable and prompted (i.e., by performing an action such as posting to Facebook, mentioning on Twitter or blogging about The Big Mooch giveaway).

3. Disclaimer. Bacon is NOT an Herb blog will not be responsible for: (a) any late or lost entries; (b) telephone, electronic, hardware, software, network, Internet, or other computer or communications-related malfunctions or failures; any giveaway disruptions, injuries, losses or damages caused by events beyond the control of Bacon is NOT an Herb blog or by unauthorized human intervention; or (c) any printing or typographical errors in any materials associated with the giveaway.

4. Entry Deadline Date. All entries for giveaways through this site must be received on or before the given “Entry Deadline Date” to be eligible to win a prize.

6. Winner Selection. A prize number will be assigned to your entry upon receipt of your entry. A winning number will be generated using on or shortly after the Entry Deadline Date. If your Prize Number matches the Winning Number, and you meet the eligibility requirements and otherwise comply with these Official Giveaway Rules, you win the prize.

7. Winner Notification. You will be notified on Bacon is NOT an Herb (blog/facebook/twitter) within three (3) days after the Entry Deadline Date if you win the prize.

8. Claiming Your Prize. Winner must respond within three (3) days of notification to Pennsyltucky Veggie or forfeit the prize, in which case an alternate winner will be selected.

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  1. Your recipe for Walnut Beet Burgers just fascinates me. I’ve never had a beet burger so I really want to try this, maybe baking them instead…? The flavor combination just looks so creative! 🙂

  2. I would love to try T’s Vegan Cheesecake! It’s been quite a while since I had a delicious slice of vegan cheesecake.

  3. The “Bluff Bourguignon” Sounds really good,I might have to try it for my next mini dinner party.

  4. Yum, my husband LOVES Custard Pie and your vegan recipe sounds fantastic!

  5. I’ll def be making the vegan pot pie with crumb topping. J loves pot pie and this is the perfect kind of recipe for sneaking veg dishes into the rotation (shhhhh).

  6. We LOVE your T’s Vegan Cheesecake–and the DH isn’t even a cheese eater! (I’m happy about being able to enjoy something “cheese-esque” and not ruin my cholesterol testing 😉 which is coming up super soon! )

    Our cat is demanding I grow her some grass in the kitchen— Don’t worry Mooch– you’re not alone!


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