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B’s Best Bites – February 2012

There have been a few pretty nice days since I posted my last January Best Bites. My people opened the windows for me to enjoy the air a few times. The weather has been un-February like but I can still hear the winter birds are out in the hedges and the spring ones have yet to come.

So what have my people been biting and bragging about most this month? Not too long before the day of red hearts, Millie started cooking up another huge pot of Bluff Bourguignion but this time used her spicy home-made Seitan’s Fire as the main wheat meat. It seemed strange that she would make it so soon after Frank’s birthday but I soon realized that it was to share with some of my favorite other people, Earl and Amy!

It is always a good time when they visit because, the home is filled with pets and purrs and Amy ALWAYS hold my dish for me while I eat, fluffing my crunchies into a nice pile to make it easy. They all shared sweet fizzing drinks called Coconut Ginger Floats and proclaimed (as they frequently do) that nothing ever tasted better. I think crunchies always taste best when Amy holds them so maybe they make every thing taste better.

Saying goodbye is always hard but I know they will come back. They all had Gobo food in the big city and my main people came back pretty quickly this time. Frank was very excited to bring back a lot of his favorite peanut butter called, The Heat is On.

One lunchtime, my people had some food at Luna 2 and they said one of the nicest things they hadn’t realized was that they have really great grilled asparagus all year round. I could tell it made them in a good mood so I encouraged them to talk about it more while petting my fur. They said the green sticks were grilled and seasoned just right and they were not skinny like pencils. I love biting pencils so I can imagine a plate of 4-5 big ones would be so much fun!

Millie hasn’t cooked as many new things this month because she has had to work on campus more often. They did drive to see Maga and Grandfather and eat some spicy tofus (see tomorrow’s Wordless Wednesday photo) and then made a trip to see their vegan friends in Harrisburg. They took a second batch of Carrot Cake Cupcakes to share and brought back some cooked greens and grains that a friend gave to them.

I was very curious about this meal but Millie refused to tell me who gave it to her even when I insisted I needed to know for her blog. She said that I was not allowed to mention his name so I will call him Voldemort. Frank and Millie loved Voldemort’s Greens and Grains and said it rounded out one of their meals of left overs just right with the chili oils and ginger flavoring.

My people also went out to their favorite places a few times and once ate so many of Elk Creek Cafe’s House Potato Chips they thought they might explode. I usually solve overeating in the cat way but Millie says I can’t share it because it’s a food blog and she loved every chip she ate. Silly people.

It didn’t keep her from going back to have more on her birthday brunch but what really made my fur twitch is that I wasn’t invited but someone else was! They used to sneak my into all sorts of places and I was a really good cat, staying all chill in my carrier under the table as they slipped me cheese. I admit that I don’t like traveling in the car as much as I did when I was a kitten but the real insult was that they took Pesky (a nickname based on “pescatarian”). That’s right she took a fish out for brunch!

She gushed on and on about how it made her birthday so special to be able to take the blue swimming thing with her. Well Hiss! It made me want to jump on her spleen at midnight and I licked my fur to calm myself. I then realized that they weren’t going anywhere else this month and was pleased. The rest of the time was spent watching them bake kale chips and broccoli and things so mundane that it gave them plenty of time to throw pink rings for me and get out my favorite laser toy called Earl. I forgave Pesky for usurping my role as travel companion and quit my plan for nudging his bowl off the shelf.

Pesky and Mimosas at Elk Creek Cafe


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  1. I wish Amy would fluff my crunchies.


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