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As a customer of Green Bowl, my favorite sauce combination was chosen to be displayed for the month of March! I love my Thai/Peanut/Ginger Soy/ Super Hot combo and winning a $20.00 gift card made me appreciate it even more.

I went in to claim it last night and had a big bowl of veggies with that exact sauce combo to celebrate! I also took a photo of my name and combination on the suggested combos board. I haven’t done too much to win me fame so I wanted to get a shot of it before the month was up.

I love getting the little extra “V” on my stick so my food is cooked separately and away from the meat. The flavors were perfect and the veggies and tofu cooked just right. Jim and I had a great meal out at what is the 2011 Pennsyltucky Veggie award winner for Best Ethnic Restaurant. Looking at all the options they have for vegans and vegetarians, they are going to be hard to beat in 2012.

I couldn’t get enough green and decided to make Manzana Chile Verde from Veganomicon today for lunch. The recipe is out there, if you do a web search, but I won’t post it because I don’t change the recipe at all from what is published, nor have the authors posted it on the internet as far as I can tell. It is perfect and worth the price of the whole cookbook.

Here are a bunch of the green ingredients that go into the recipe. They are just so beautiful together, I couldn’t resist photographing them to go with this color themed post.

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