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Tomato Mac & Pleaze

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Mile 5 of Capital 10-Miler course.

As forewarned, the additional time my distance running training is taking up has had an impact on my for getting all of the amazing recipes I am making translated to this dear blog of mine. I have hundreds of great photos cluttering my computer’s desktop, all waiting to be shared along with the stories that go with them.

Upon returning home from running the Capital 10-miler course in Harrisburg on Saturday, I was wiped out and wanted to watch some cooking shows via our antennae that picks up a local public broadcasting station. Christopher Kimball’s America’s Test Kitchen was on. On their Cook’s Country segment, they made a Macaroni and Cheese with Tomatoes that inspired me to tweak my own Vegan Mac & Pleaze.

On the televisions show, Chris said the recipe was very good, we noticed lack of what we have determined to be a bit of a poker tell with him – he touches his nose with his fork hand upon tasting an exclaiming how good a dish is when he really likes it.

I changed very little of my original recipe, I chose to used coconut milk and Galaxy Foods Rice Vegan American Flavor Slices. I omitted the wine and replaced it with the juice from a 14.5 oz can of no salt added Stewed Tomatoes. I then stirred in the tomatoes along with the cooked macaroni. The increased volume required a 1 1/2 quart casserole for baking. Nothing else changed from my original Vegan Mac & Pleaze recipe.

I agree with Chris, it’s a good recipe but it didn’t knock my socks off. It needed just a little more brightness but was quite satisfying with a large herbed salad today.

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  1. Interesting body language analysis! Your mac n pleaze certainly looks creamy and delectable! Will there be any tweaking of this recipe in the future??

  2. That addition of the stewed tomatoes is brilliant and makes this so creative and yummy looking!

  3. LOL at the “tell” — I’m going to be watching Chris Kimball’s hands all the time now to see if I spot it! 🙂

    • Yeah! The camera cuts to food close ups just at the time he would do it sometimes but don’t worry, you’ll catch it! It makes watching it even more fun. As if we need another game right!?

  4. Paul f. bourgeois

    You are SO right when you picked up on that little poker game – nose touch, that Chris Kimbell does, when he REALLY likes a recipe…LOL, I thought that I was the only cooking geek that picked up on his fork to nose gesture… Good catch!


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