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SOS – Creamed Chipped Bits on Toast

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SOS – Creamed Chipped Bits on Toast

SOS looks like crap but is a real comfort food that almost every Pennsyltucky kid had growing up anywhere from the 40’s to the 70’s. Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast named SOS is the polite abbreviation for Shit on a Shingle. It’s one meal you just can’t make look pretty for a photo.

It’s divided in our family which meal we most remember this being served as. I remember it for breakfast but Jim as well as my Dad think it was a dinner. Mom says you can serve it with peas on the side and Jim also remembers a green vegetable like asparagus to go with it.

I chose to veganize it for brunch using some Upton’s Naturals limited addition bacon styled seitan. I am thinking any very thinly sliced seitan would work, even Torfurkey deli slices, since the product that the dish is trying to replicate (dry chipped beef) is a very thin super salty meat. I slivered them no thicker than 1/4″ wide then no longer than 1 1/2″ long. Their thickness will be determined by whatever product you used but the thinner, the better to get them marinated over night.

SOS – Creamed Chipped Bits on Toast

2 cups thin seitan slices in slivers
juice from 1/2 lemon
1 Tablespoon dry white wine
2 teaspoons sea slat
4 tablespoons earth balance stick
4 tablespoons flour
2 cups coconut milk
fresh ground pepper (to taste)
4 slices of toast

• In a glass bowl, throughly mix the seitan slivers with lemon juice, wine and salt. Cover and marinate over night in refrigerator.
• Heat large skillet over Medium heat.
• Add earth balance and melt till foamy.
• Remove pan from heat and whisk in flour and continue stirring until no lumps are left.
• Return to heat and continue stirring about 5 minutes to remove raw flour taste and slightly brown the flour.
• Slowly pour milk in while whisking.
• Continue stirring over heat until desired thickness.
• Discard excess liquid marinade from setian slivers and add the seitan to white sauce. Heat through, Add pepper and serve HOT over Toast.

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  1. How did it taste?

    • Good question! I omitted that didn’t I!? It was really not bad. Salty as always but as close a flavor as I can remember. I might try a Tofurkey product sometime, just to compare but, just like the original recipe, it’s not something you want to eat all the time.

  2. Hehe you are a pioneer! I’ve never had SOS, just not a dish served in NE Ohio, maybe. A family equivalent would be “Boy Scout Stew,” which mom made when the refrigerator was empty and dinner needed to be ready fast!

  3. Did the lemon juice/wine/marinade have much of an effect? Would it be better than adding the seitan straight up?


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