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Bullfrog Brewery

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Bullfrog Brewery

Bullfrog Brewery is a well established pub in Williamsport with many stellar microbrews. What a lot of folks don’t realize is that some of the proprietors are super health conscious and have crafted a menu that will please almost everyone, vegan through carnivore. We will focus on the great things that vegetarians and vegans can enjoy there.

Seating is vast with multiple hightop pub tables, and over 2 dozen 2 and 4 seaters if you include the backroom. If you like to sit at the wooden bar and enjoy the shiny brew vats, don’t discount being able to enjoy a meal there. They have a nifty platter that is fashioned to sit securely on the bar in front of you to optimise your dining pleasure.

Bullfrog Interior looking toward the Back Room

Don’t be fooled by the amount of seating that you will always get a table if you just drop by. This place is super popular especially when they have entertainment booked. This isn’t just in the evenings; weekend brunch hours will have bands booked and you will want to call ahead to make reservations unless you want to risk being turned away at the door.

Also take into account the pre and post theater crowds that will be taking in shows at the nearby Community Arts Center and cinema complex. This will snarl traffic on the one way Fourth St and also limit parking. In the evenings, free parking can be had in the off street lot with the large mural just before the Bullfrog. At other times you must not ignore feeding the on-street meters, traffic tickets will be given.

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Over the past year, the vegetarian food that was once almost a special request has made its way onto the printed menu (online version not as complete). Imagine our surprise one day when we came in and saw they had Daiya Cheese (pronounced DAY-uh for you newbie vegans who care to be in the know) and many other things listed that the staff was very familiar with. None of it was new to them since it had been an unwritten option for quite a while. We thanked them for putting it on the menu.

Nachos with Daiya!

The menu had always had the house made veggie burger called the Veggie Frog and Frogobello but now they offer vegan options with the Daiya Cheese! Add to that the lightly grilled tempeh or tofu vegan Rachel and Reuben and the veganizing either the Cheese or Veggie Supreme Fajizza and a vegan could have a feast!

Feast we did many times this past year. Our favorites included a huge portion of Mucho Nachos smothered in Daiya, veggies and their house made Vegetarian Chili with a side of guac. This was a fun nosh that was outstanding with its very reasonable price and amazing toppings compared to some lesser piles of chips that we have gotten at similar pubs. I would also suggest the Veggie Frog burger served on a nice pretzel roll. The house made burger is grilled and packed with veggies. It’s hearty with a mild oregano seasoning and comes topped with avocado, sprouts, red onion, lettuce and a nice slice of tomato.

Vegan Fajizza with Daiya & Tempeh

Another menu item we had was the Veggie Deluxe Fajizza and we want to encourage you to eat it right away if you order it.The crispy outer crust only gets soggy if you allow it to sit for too long, enjoy the toppings of browned tempeh and thinly sliced broccoli and veggies while the crust is at its best. The only veggie item I would not suggest is the one appetizer, Tofu “Wings.” They cubes of tofu are nicely hot when they are served but, especially with the garlic sauce option, were unceremoniously presented in an oily mass with celery sticks. Meh.

Most of the menu is always very good but the service is hit or miss. We have noticed they don’t seem to have enough staff during some of the busier times before local theater performances and one of the owners had to pitch in to help her frazzled waitresses. Other times, they have been the friendliest most obliging wait staff. They are a wealth of knowledge about their menu, the beers that are on tap at the time and if they don’t know an answer to what you have asked are willing to ask someone who does. You can’t want for more than that.

After a handful of visits over the past year, I can say we highly recommend Bullfrog Brewery to vegetarians and vegans alike. When it is good, it is very, very good. At other times, not too bad. Be aware of when they might be busy and call ahead. If you get in during those times, enjoy the free WiFi if you have to wait an extra moment or two. Check out all of the cute kitschy frogs that are on the shelves and order a well crafted brew. Mostly, be prepared for some of the regions’ best vegan pub food with a strong emphasis on local food sources. I wouldn’t be surprised if you decide to return enough times and become a member of their Pub Club (best to enquire with the bar staff).Bullfrog Brewery on Urbanspoon

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  1. Amazing veg selections! Good for them! Love the sideshow, Terri.

    • It’s about an hour from us and I am hoping that even folks that travel near it will know there is something to offer! They aren’t far from the interstate. 🙂


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