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‘Coming a Veg’ – a greater understanding

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Becoming a Vegan this past September was a completely natural progression that began well over a year ago but, given my obsession with eating garbage foods, is now a complete surprise to most who knew me growing up. My best friend, Kyle, has been a Vegetarian for about 20 years and really opened my eyes to the delicious world of a plant-based diet. When we would go out to eat, we would always order two veggie entrees and double our options. Very quickly I realized that not only was Vegetarian food delicious, but I felt so much better. Problem was, I had gotten divorced just one year earlier and was without health insurance for the first time in my life. I had weaned myself from my anti-anxiety medication and was still having panic attacks. This, coupled with my growing awareness of the disgusting nature of the commercial dairy and “free-range poultry/egg” industry, pushed me fully into wanting to go completely Vegan. I now no longer suffer from panic attacks (minus the normal/occasional parental frustrations).

My husband, who was a completely defensive omnivore, is now almost completely a Vegetarian and fully supports me. My sons {Max(7) Wes(5)} eat Vegetarian while they are with me and have taken to it rather well. I am currently trying to find new ways of planning meals on a budget that are nutritious and everyone will enjoy.

My biggest challenge has been finding places, both locally and when traveling with my band – Miss Melanie & the Valley Rats, where I can safely eat (without always having to order the pasta with marinara sauce – yawn). I almost always keep a granola bar or snack on hand just in case of non-vegan emergency (mama gets grumpy when hungry). I have also gotten used to drinking black coffee, since many places only offer half and half, no non-dairy substitute.  Thankfully, more vegan options are available in State College – Aardvark Kafé, MyThai, Fuji & Jade are some of my favorites.

Of course, so many people are always asking how I get my protein and I just show them my huge biceps. I kickbox, do pilates, sing in a blues band and chase after my children, and other peoples’ children all day, and have no problems with malnourishment. I easily point out to them that you can be a Vegan, be active, and still get all of your vitamins and minerals, free from animal products. So my biggest benefits are health related. My anxiety is gone, my energy is up and I have never felt better! I hope, within the year, to have my first pregnancy as a Vegan.  *fingers crossed* My Veganism has also caused me to seek out only cruelty-free products for my home and more homeopathic remedies, as opposed to medications. I now have a greater understanding of my body, the things I consume and the world in general. 
Melanie Morrison
32 years old

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