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Seven months after my posts of Say it Ain’t so Joe and Holding Out for a Gyro, much has toppled here in un-Happy Valley. Last week, the halo was removed from Joe Paterno’s image on the same local mural that Sandusky was also painted out of. The statue that was a place to pause for vigil the night before Penn State coach Joe Paterno’s passing, ( Goodbye Ol’ Joe), was removed yesterday. The reasons are all intermixed with the same terrible events that have come to light on our local University Park Campus of Penn State.

Today, Penn State not only has a gaping void on the east side of the stadium (I now dub it the No-Pa Memorial) but also in its pocket book. The NCAA has fined Penn State $60,000,000.00 (roughly a year of football revenue), dismissed the team from participating in bowl games for the next 4 years and wiped away all of the teams wins from the year 1988 to present. This changes the history so that Joe Paterno will no longer be crowned major college football’s winningest coach, dropping him to 12th.

Pennsyltucky does and will feel the impact of these decisions. I am personally glad to have heard the $60 million will be paid into an endowment for external programs preventing child sexual abuse or assisting victims and may not be used to fund such programs at the university. These funds are not to come from non-revenue grossing PSU sports nor academics but it is difficult to see how they (and the local economy) will go uneffected.

As for food (vegetarian and otherwise) in this area, I notice the Fraser Street Deli changed its menu in February and dropped the Tim Curley – Corned Beef. It still retains the Graham Spanier – Roast Beef sandwich that was listed above the Tim Curley sandwich in the photo I took at this link. Notice also in my new menu photo on this posting, that the Mike McQueary sandwich is still present. Does this mean they are there to stay? I have my doubts.

I made a prediction in November that the Peachy Paterno flavor of ice cream at Penn State’s Berkey Creamery would be removed. According to an article in USA Today, as of last week they had no plans of removing it. That, of course, was last week; before statue was removed and hefty fines, sanctions and penalties had been levied against PSU. I am sticking to my prediction, it won’t be too long until the name of the ice cream won’t sound so sweet to official ears and it will go the way of the Sandusky Blitz.


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