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Vegan Sushi

There are loads of variations on making vegan sushi but I wanted to try a couple of “inside out rolls” to use some of the great Cavi-art I got through Spencer’s Market.

I have made sushi maybe once before but I needed to refresh myself on the best way to roll it. I found a nice group of tutorials on YouTube. One really great tip I saw was to just slide your bamboo rolling mat into a large ziplock bag. This seemed better that just plastic wrap because it wouldn’t slide off and would be easy to rinse between rolls.

I made something of a Vegan California Roll but instead of crab and mayo I used the recipe for Chickpea Salad and kept it really chunky. That along with avocado made the filling and the exterior was sticky rice with a tablespoon of rice wine vinegar (per 2 cups of cooled rice). The garnish was toasted sesame seeds and Cavi-art.

Fillers I used on the other rolls included carrots and cucumber. I used a broad vegetable peeler to get really thin slices then cut them into strips. You could also use any color of sweet bell peppers cut into thins strips.

After using any of the rolling techniques that I linked to above, I also found it helpful to use a clean sharp knife that is slightly wet to cut the roll in half. Line the two sections of the roll side by side (as seen in the photo to the left) and cut the rest of the pieces to the width you desire.

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  1. I’m impressed, girl!

    How about bringing something like that to the next Virtual Vegan Potluck – – November 1?

  2. Yum!! Where is this potluck? I need to find some vegan/vegetarian friends in this neck of the woods.

  3. I’m so sad we missed the last vegan potluck. It was great getting so many recipes last time. Sushi is one of my favorites though, so I’m super excited to try some of my own. Fingers crossed- the last time I rolled sushi it was a complete disaster!

    Love, B


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