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Spread the Word and Help!

Spread the Word and Help!

There are still victims of Hurricane Sandy who are without electricity in some of the hardest hit areas in New York City and New Jersey. The many problems many of us have only heard on the news; no heat during a brutal second winter blizzard, no gas for generators, no way to cook food or stay warm.

There are wonderful people helping and we can help them. The award-winning Vegan food truck, The Cinnamon Snail is driving to the hurting locations and giving away hot vegan food to the residents. With donations through PayPal ( you will be giving a warm vegan meal to a struggling neighborhood.

This past summer I was too busy to review my one visit to New York City but I had the privilege to seek out the location where The Cinnamon Snail set up. They are a hugely popular food truck and all of the food they serve is vegan. They have been nominated and won many awards such as the prestigious Vendy Awards and most recently VegNew 2012 – Favorite Street Cart.

The food they serve is vegan, delicious and they are the friendliest bunch of metro-NYC folks I have ever been served by. Working hard in the summer heat on the street in the Flat Iron District June 2012, it was evident that I wasn’t the only one to notice their upbeat attitude. Their tip jar was overflowing with crumpled bills of appreciation. Oh, and they donate ALL of their tips to charity; on August 26, 2012, The Cinnamon Snail team made a generous donation of $8,000 to Farm Sanctuary.

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I had a crusty Tofu Bahn Mi and grabbed a couple of their doughnuts. I got S’Mores and Creme Brule flavors and wished I could carry more. Not a fan of sandwiches nor bread in general, it was uncharacteristic of me to finish a huge crunchy Bahn Mi. I think it is humorous that I didn’t make it very far and sat devouring my sandwich on a bench just yards from the food truck; I ate it like I hadn’t eating a good meal in days.

In actuality, I was surrounded by so many vegan options in NYC but this meal stood out as one of the very best. Imagine how much more meaningful it will be to the people in Rockaway Beach and Staten Island who haven’t had a hot meal in over a week. The Cinnamon Snail is also providing them with a charging station for their phones and mobile devices.

This is something you can do to help, instead of feeling like it is too overwhelming and terrible to think about, Spread the Word and Help! Retweet this (@VeganLunchTruck @occupysandy #sandyrelief), reblog this, share it on Facebook with vegans and compassionate groups of people and donate to The Cinnamon Snail’s humanitarian effort through donations through PayPal (!


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  2. Cinnamon Snail sounds like a fantastic group – inside and out! Thanks for bringing them to our attention and pointing out that folks on the east coast are still hurting!


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