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Jo Jo Potatoes for Brunch

JoJo1I saw this recipe on Somer’s Vedged Out blog and the photo looked so much like Elk Creek Café’s Crispy Potatoes that I am obsessed with replicating. I left a comment for Somer that I was certainly trying them for Sunday brunch and I did! They are the closest thing to my dear Crispy Potatoes that I have made in my own kitchen.

Somer’s recipe is called Truck Stop Jo Jo Potatoes with Vegan Ranch Dressing and I made both recipes. Go on out to her blog and read the whole story and comments that follow. It makes the recipe all the more special.

I will note that of the options she mentioned I used the tapioca starch and the mixture of sea salt and celery seeds (grinding the latter with my mortar and pestle) for the potatoes. I don’t know if it made much difference but I used coconut milk for the ranch and the option of soaking the cashews and the whole thing separated a bit upon sitting.

Coated with seasoning, ready to bake but DO NOT do it on foil like I did.

Coated with seasoning, ready to bake but DO NOT do it on foil like I did.

The flavors were great and, upon realizing I might be getting closer to perfecting Crispy Potatoes, I researched other Jo Jo Potato recipes. Being from the east coast and having never heard of them before, I suspect that might be the key. I did find one based on a Cook’s Country recipe at Jenn’s Food Journey but didn’t like the sound of the panko bread crumbs nor parmesan cheese because that would make them less like what I was trying for.

Somer’s recipe turned out pretty darn close and in some ways even better. I love the seasoning in both the potatoes and ranch dressing. I really liked the tip both blogs shared about pre-heating the pan and did that but I was really stupid and foil lined my pan – DUH! When I went to turn the potatoes half way, I found it was a big mistake.

All was not lost, we unstuck the potatoes and enjoyed a brunch with some super yummy Jo Jo Potatoes in our own kitchen.


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  1. I don’t know what Jo Jo Potatoes are either, BUT the key to crispy ones is to parboil them, drain them well, and then shake them around in the pot to rough up the surface. Having a rough surface gives them more surface area to coat in oil and get brown. And preheating the oil in the pan is also essential.

    I’ll try to get you the recipe I use sometime soon. It make perfect potatoes every time.

  2. Never heard of Jo Jo either – meant to Google the term and forgot :-)! They sure look good, though!

  3. omg this looks so freakin good!


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