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People’s Choice Festival 2013

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There are definitely some improvements every year at the annual People’s Choice Festival in Boalsburg, PA. Even since I reviewed the festival’s veggie options in 2011 they have added local wine tastings to include the all vegan Seven Mountain Wine Cellars and a great local food truck.ElGringo1

El Gringo Taco Truck has an unassuming stand to the far right in the line of food vendors. The limited festival menu today included vegan Spinach and Mushroom Tacos that were terrific. A single taco for $3.00 or 3 for $8.00 is a bargain for the hearty yet mild bean and veggie filling with fresh tomato salsa. Just the right amount of spicing for the central PA palette, I project they run out of food before they intend to today.

I met “El Gringo” himself, the inspired and amicable Chef Ben Stanley who shared that he is used to varying his traditional Mexican recipes alongside contemporary Latin American dishes by what inspires him. Typically seen at at the local farmers markets, Chef Ben shares, “One day I will make all vegan food and the folks who want meat will leave in disappointment. Other days all of my dishes will contain meat and the vegans will go away disappointed.”ElGringo2

If you are lucky enough to score some of the vegan food he offers, do so. The festival needs more food vendors like El Gringo Taco Truck so let them know you appreciated this addition.

Sorry for the giant watermarks on the photos. This festival used one of my 2011 photos without permission. I have no problem sharing the images without the watermark, I just want to be given credit for my efforts.SpinMushTaco

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