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counterJarThe next time you find an emptied jar of Nuttzo under the kitchen table or put back in the ‘fridge, don’t blame the kids or hubby. That’s just Nuttzo!

NuttzoJarNo, I don’t mean you are going crazy. I mean it is probably Nuttzo, the nutter-butter craving critter that finished it off. She can’t get enough of that great blend of 7 nuts and seeds that man it so high in Omega 3. Creamy or crunchy doesn’t matter to her. She loves all flavors of it day and night and is happy to merely flash the label to any person who asks where vegans might get their protein.Nuttzo-n-Me_sm

If those empty jars are still on your mind, just restock and know that she will be grateful for the healthy food you provide. I think there might be a little Nuttzo in all of us.

I am sharing Nuttzo not only because it is vegan but it is a great fuel for my longer runs. I sometimes have issues with peanut product repeating on me and love the peanut free option. I am lucky that our local health food store carries it and that I was given a sample jar with my swag for the Ragnar team I am on.

Sorry for the repeat posts for those who follow both my veggie blog – Bacon is NOT an Herb and our running blog – See Jain Run. It’s great when we find something that we love that fits into so many of the important things in our lives. Nuttzo is just one of those awesome things in life, just ask her.

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