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Beer Battered Tempeh Sticks

It was a weekend I was focused on building back our probiotic gut flora after one of us was on an antibiotic because of a cracked tooth. Not the most pleasant of weeks, one of us needing to have a tooth pulled but we had a lot of great food to look forward to. I had grand plans of making a great beer battered tempeh sandwich with vegan tartar sauce. I found a great recipe and was excited to buy some kimchi as a side dish.

It was just before this I ran into a bunch of vegans we used to hang with and was pretty much snubbed like we had turned into owners of a puppy-mill. Hey, we are still vegan, we just don’t have 24/7 to sit around and talk or blog about it. We have paying jobs, a family, are avid runners, artists, like to hike, have other hobbies and really, really love to eat our vegan food. We tend to dig in before writing down the recipes we created or taking photos. So, here is a photo and the recipe I tweaked that was really awesome.BeerBatteredTempehStx

So thanks to Vital Vegan for their Beer Battered Tempeh “Fish” Sandwiches with Vegan Tartar Sauce!! Make it, tweak it if you want – it is forgiving (I used capers instead of all olives and some coconut milk yogurt instead of veganaise for more probiotics).


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  1. Hey, we’re three years 95 percent vegan, always vegetarian. Currently in Washington dining with great pleasure (especially Georgetown). Thanks for the support!

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