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Central PA Vegetarian

My family moved back to my father’s central PA homestead when I was a youngster in 1964. I can remember the wonderful meals my mother, aunts and grandmothers made for me as a child. They cooked for the family with love, care and creativity and I remember the meals quite fondly. Meals in our home, as in most across the US at that time, usually consisted of a meat, a vegetable and a sweet.

For personal and ethical reasons, I became a lacto-ovo vegetarian in 1975. It was only with the patience and love of my parents that I, as a teen at home, was allowed the luxury of being served separate and healthy home cooked vegetarian meals. This empowered me to live my life without compromise or guilt over what I was eating and have remained, with a few years in the mix as a pure vegan, vegetarian.

My main focus with this blog is on the region of Central Pennsylvania. It is sometimes a challenge to make sure restaurants where I eat know what I require as a vegetarian; Amish & Pennsylvania Dutch cook in lard and consider bacon an herb, garnish, and all around staple of their diet.

I’m hoping to share what I am learning as I eat my way along the quest to find a personal balance, challenge the earth’s collective imagination & true indigo.
Any blog with a vegetarian theme is going to be unsettling to someone; meat eaters will scoff and vegans with gasp that I tread the line between hither and thither. I do my best to post accurate information but I am human and make mistakes. If any reader has found information contrary to anything I have shared, I hope they will feel comfortable in writing to the comments section. I will strive to keep my information current and post updates.

My ideas may be inspired by many sources but I strive to keep them original so I claim all responsibility for the content of this blog. Feel free to contact me, Pennsyltucky Veggie, if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

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  1. Hey we have two things in common: we’re both vegetarians and we’re both from Pennsylvania! I lived there for eight years before moving here to CNY. I was born in NJ, but I was so young, I hardly remember it. PA’s the closest I have to a home.

  2. I lived in California for a few years (which is a pretty progressive state by American standards), but it was hard finding good places that catered to vegetarianism! Even the salads had meat on them!

    It’s probably only that much harder in Pennsylvania, but keep up the good fight. 🙂

  3. I’m glad I found this blog! I grew up in Reading, PA, and I would LOVE to find some suggestions of where to eat in the region for my trips back home!

    • I have a good friend in Reading and am looking forward to reviewing some of the restaurants there next time I visit her! Thanks for checking out my blog – yours is very classy.

  4. Thanks for your reviews. I sort of felt like I was reading me. I am also a vegetarian and have written Yelp! reviews around central PA and occasionally elsewhere. I have also covered some restaurants you haven’t yet (and the reverse is also true. I’ll have to walk over to the Greek and check it out.
    You should be able to find my reviews here.

  5. i absolutely LOVE the name of your blog! I’m SO over bacon and how popular it is. Don’t people realize how horrible it is for you??

  6. What a great idea! After 8 years in NYC, I’m thinking hard about moving back to the ‘Burgh, my place of birth (where people constantly ask if I eat chicken).


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