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‘Coming a Veg’

The first Monday of every month in 2012, I featured stories highlighting how some people became vegetarian or vegan. Like “coming out” stories, I likened the idea that it’s a process of awareness or “coming of age” thus the title, ‘Coming a Veg’.

An Unrefined VeganAnnie, blogger of An Unrefined Vegan and creator of the Virtual Vegan Potluck, tells her story of how science convinced her to embrace vegetarianism and she became more interested in health and in taking care of her body.

The times they are a-changin’BC Condon-Gill shares how over time her compassion for animals has led her to veganism in Central Pennsylvania.

The Only Way I can BeKathryn, blogger of The Vegan Kat, tells how the horrors of factory farming made her look more closely at her personal choices.

A vegan waiting to happenGary Gill of the Juniata Valley Vegetarian Society shows how his gradual awareness led him to veganism.

Eating Mindfully
Tiffany, award winning blogger of Como Water, tells how even as a young child, eating meat didn’t sit well with her. Recognizing real barriers (financial, cultural, and others) to being vegetarian/vegan, her story is all inclusive.

A Greater Understanding
Melanie Morrison, Central Pennsylvania performer and mom, shares her year of being vegan and other insights.

Sue in TrainingSue, blogger of Sue in Training, shares how she is the healthiest and happiest she has ever been since giving up meat.

A Life Defining MomentJim’s story reflects on when he, as a young man living in central Pennsylvania, decided to become a vegetarian.

Thankful for this JourneyHolly, turned her health and life around when she embraced a plant based diet.

The Vegan JourneyJim Tunall of Mifflin County, Pennsylvania has an inspiring story to share of what started as a 30 day commitment and ended up changing his life.

We’ve Come a Long Way
Terri, author of central Pennsylvania vegetarian/vegan blog, Bacon is Not and Herb, looks back at how she decided to become a vegetarian when she was 13 and the challenges she faced as she grew into a young adult.

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