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Pennsyltucky Veggie Awards 2012 – Best Veggie Burger

Yorkholo Brewing Company – Black Bean & Spent Grain Veggie Burger

Yorkholo Brewing Company of Mansfield has a wonderful microbrewery and the region’s very best Veggie Burger of 2012. Their Black Bean & Spent Grain Veggie Burger has a very crispy exterior, served super hot, almost deep fried in its breadcrumb coating. The flavor is what makes it top-notch with minced black beans, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, and onions combined with spent grain, green peppers is nicely seasoned. I loved the zippy Pico de Gallo on it and the roll was fresh and bread not too dense. The whole burger, although a tiny bit crumbly, has a great texture, well balanced flavors and is a good size. I got it without the provolone but that would enhance the burger even more.

The Green Room Bistro – Quinoa Burger grabbed 2nd place.

This year, I was able to sample quite a few house made veggie burgers in the over 20 counties we judge in the Pennsyltucky region. No matter what the presentation, restaurants that just heat up a commercial grade Gardenburger® Veggie Medley are never going to make the cut anymore.

Otto’s Pub and Brewery – 2011 Winner

From Mansfield to Carlisle, I reveled in the task of comparing so many well crafted burgers. Sadly, Harrisburg’s Appalachian Brewing Company’s Cucumber Garden Burger left me flat but the second place burger this year was in that same region. A big shout out goes to The Green Room Bistro and Juice Bar of Carlisle for their Green Room Veggie Burger. Made of black beans, forbidden rice, red onion, red & yellow peppers, cilantro, red quinoa, it can be made gluten free and vegan. Typically served on a whole grain ciabatta, you can even ask it to be topped with Daiya Cheese – delightful!

Yorkholo Brewing Company – Black Bean & Spent Grain Veggie Burger

The 2011 Pennsyltucky Veggie – Best Veggie Burger, Otto’s Pub and Brewery Vegetarian Walnut Burger, was also a main contender. The State College restaurant’s rice, black bean, and walnut based burgers are crafted in house and have a nice smoky and peppery flavor. I can’t go a week without plotting to eat one.

Two final honorable mentions go to the house made Ritchie Valen Burger at Retro Eatery in Philipsburg and the Spicy Black Bean Burger at Olde New York in State College with its unbeatable taste but not made in house.

Congratulations to Yorkholo Brewing Company of Mansfield and their Black Bean & Spent Grain Veggie Burger for being chosen to receive Pennsyltucky Veggie 2012 Best Veggie Burger.

Do know of a Pennsyltucky restaurant’s veggie burger that you think can beat this one in 2013? If it’s in central PA (see map here) and is a regular vegetarian menu item, let me know and I will include it in the judging next year! Drop me, Pennsyltucky Veggie, a line or feel free to leave a comment!
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