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The Rathskeller

Sure The Rathskeller is a dive bar but come on down for lunch on Thursdays and get a bowl of the Vegetable Jambalaya and you won’t regret it! That’s right, the lunch special is the same great meal you can have upstairs at Spats for a great lunchtime price on Jamby Day. Make sure to ask for the Vegetarian Jambalaya and use a little of that kick @$$ hot sauce to push your Pennsyltuckian limits – YOW!

You’ll get an abso-frickenly HUGE bowl of smoky tomato based rice with a melange of veggies (shredded carrots, diced eggplant, mushrooms, celery, green & red bell peppers, onion) topped with lightly steamed broccoli. Each bite is a new discovery as it holds a new veggie to discover. Eventually you will be stuffed but cannot stop eating.

I suggest the outdoor seating in the fine weather and a glass of Blue Moon to moderate that awesome additional hot sauce. Jamby Day is too hot to call heaven so get your bad self down for lunch on Thursday at the ‘Skeller to see what I mean. A week with out it and you’ll get the DTs. Hot, exciting and down right addicting!

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